About Dr. Sophie Dao

520bc8bfdc9d9_@!@_Dr Sophie Dao OFfice 1Dr. Sophie Dao has been operating her Optometry Center since 1986. Not only does she offer compassionate care to her patients, she frequently participates in eye care panels and health fairs and answers audience members’ questions. From time to time, Dr. Sophie Dao speaks at local groups such as the Lion’s Club near her Milpitas, California office.

Glaucoma is one of Dr. Sophie Dao’s specialties. She completed a glaucoma certification course at the University of California, Berkeley in 2001 and another 15-hour glaucoma course in 2011. She also treats patients with dry eyes, infections, and allergies. These specialties are in addition to routine eye exams and contact lens fittings.

Outside of her work, Dr. Dao participates in several non-profits and charitable organizations. She is part of the Coalition to Abolish Slavery in Asia. She also accepts eyeglasses that no longer work for patients and donates them to the Milpitas Lion’s Club. The doctor and some of her friends and associates also go feed the homeless from time to time at nearby San Jose homeless shelters.


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