Eye Muscle Movement and Cover Tests During Eye Examination

For nearly three decades Dr. Sophie Dao has owned an optometry practice in Milpitas, California. Dr. Sophie Dao, who is capable of administering eye exams in multiple languages, has been named best optometrist in Milpitas every year since 2007.

Regular eye exams become increasingly important with age, particularly for individuals who are already dealing with issues such as glaucoma or age-related macular degeneration (AMD). There are several aspects of a thorough eye examination, including the eye muscle movement and cover tests. During the eye muscle movement test an optometrist asks the patient to follow an object with just his or her eyes, while monitoring the patient’s movements. Any abnormal reactions during this part of the exam may indicate an issue with alignment, therefore affecting the patient’s efficiency while reading or doing computer work.

The cover test, meanwhile, requires an individual to focus on an object, first with one eye covered, and then with the opposite eye. An eye professional uses the cover test to determine how well the eyes function together. If, for instance, one eye should turn away from the object, an optometrist may screen for strabismus or similar conditions. A full eye examination may also include refraction testing, a retinoscopy, and an external exam with pupillary reaction monitoring.


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